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About page detailing the sustainable business practices of Wanderite screen printing studio.  Eco friendly, sweatshop free, and made in Mississippi by artist Lorrin Webb.

Living simply, in harmony with others and the environment, is of the greatest value to me. In my little corner of the cosmos, living simply means promoting well being by way of the things I create.

Anyone can see the havoc wreaked on our planet and humanity by the loss of eco-friendly, altruistic business practices. The truth is, sustainable business practices are intrinsically valuable, and directly benefit future generations. It is my pleasure to be a member of the creative community that is making a conscious effort to turn self-centered, inhumane practices around.

I am among the growing number of folks that value quality and craftsmanship over cheap labor and materials. I make in order to inspire others to be more mindful of their innate ability to be in accord rather than discord, creative rather than destructive, and to consume in a way that is beneficial to all. 


Wanderite is an eco-friendly, sweatshop-free screen print design studio created by illustrator and graphic designer, Lorrin Webb. All designs are illustrated by hand.

Wanderite is inspired by my nerdish love of stones, gems and minerals.  It all started in middle-of-nowhere Mississippi, early 90's, sitting in a long gravel drive way, bucket in tow, probably whistling, sifting through each and every rock for the special ones that sparkled, encased a fossil, or could be seen through either in translucency or rain-made hole.



In mineralogy, 'ite' is the suffix added to crystals when named.  Wanderite is a fictional stone that seamlessly weaves together the two most inspiring sources in my life, spirituality and exploring nature.  I am most at peace and alive in the belly of the forest, and I am fascinated by gems and minerals and how they have been utilized by humans for healing and ornament since prehistoric times.


Many stones have metaphysical properties.  If I were to describe Wanderite in terms of its metaphysical properties, they would include:

-an activated wandering spirit

-an increased groundedness and simplicity

-the ability to be at home wherever one goes

-a greater acceptance of unknown situations

-an unwavering ability to be present in the traverse of life


The second meaning of Wanderite is to 'wander right', or as a wise one once said,

"It is better to travel well than to arrive"



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When I'm not drawing crystals and plants or travelling with Wanderite, I love to hike, read, play guitar, bang on drums, climb, sing, garden, meditate, have mass crafty, cooking and music making days with friends, and generally enjoy and appreciate the goodness of life.