Wanderite + Jewel & Lotus | Global Community & Ethical Marketplace

Fair Trade Friday (November 28) will mark the beginning of a beautiful new relationship with Jewel & Lotus, a global community and ethical marketplace that features hand-made goods from artists and artisans around the globe. All products are made by individuals, such as myself, that adhere to business practices that promote well-being for both creator and consumer. Shoppers will be able to find eco-friendly, recycled or fair trade goods that truly promote business for a better world.


As convoluted as Etsy has become in recent years (more on that later), as they've relaxed their standards on "hand-made," I have found it incredibly difficult to find a niche in the enormity of its listings. Working with Jewel & Lotus is shaping up to be an absolute perfect fit for my eco-friendly, sweatshop-free apparel! 

Created by a peer of mine from Naropa University, along with her partner, Jewel & Lotus's mission exemplifies their love for life and serving others. The work they have been doing in Nepal and India to support the transformation and empowerment of young women who have been victims of sex slavery is truly incredible. Find more about their "Threads for Freedom" project, Salila Rising, here.

Jewel & Lotus:  World adventurers with a dream = Equality and prosperity for all. One world. One love. Infinite possibilities. 

Check them out for yourself  ||  www.jewelandlotus.com  ||  @jewelandlotus  ||  Jewel & Lotus on Facebook