Mahabhuta Yoga Festival: Loveliest of locales

After having a few days to reflect, I can honestly say I've never felt more on the right path than I do at this moment. Mahabhuta Yoga Festival was truly the most delightful experience I've had with my business so far. In just a few days I felt like I had nestled my way into a warm and loving family, and I'm excited about the doorways that were opened. 

Mahabhuta was a 'testing of the waters' for me as an artist. Well, we literally camped ten feet from the ocean, so those waters were also tested - quickly tested, it was cold! - but in a less literal sense, vending out of state for the first time gave me a little taste of what is to come in 2015. 

I am planning to take my work across the country in 2015, starting in Live Oak, Florida in March and making my way up the east coast and across to the west by late summer. I'm still working out the details of the adventure to come, but the experience of vending at Mahabhuta dispelled any doubts I may have had about the reception of my eco-friendly threads. 

Being able to have my home on wheels doesn't hurt either. In fact, it has made travelling with my work all the more enjoyable. 


Fun fact!  When I was in Asheville recently for Lake Eden Arts Festival I was bummed that I wouldn't have time to stop at one of my favorite local breweries, Asheville Brewing Company. In route to the festival in Black Mountain, my hubcap flew off, spinning across traffic. To my surprise and delight, the cap landed literally under the Asheville Brewing Company sign. I mean, we had to stop and get the hub cap, right?!

Naturally, we took that as a *sign* to stop for a beer and some grub. 

I haven't even been to the beach in about six years, so to be in Florida during November with 65+ degree weather and set up right on the water was, to say the least, quite gratifying. Each and every individual I met over the weekend carried such a peaceful and loving vibe, it is beautiful and amazing to me how quickly a little tribe can form!

Post festival we landed at Johnson Beach, a national park nearby, and spent the day taking in the beauty of the waves, making sand art and poking at dead starfish (while having our minds blown at the incredible artistry of life on our planet). Quite refreshing.

Better to travel well than to arrive.